Asset Management

Asset Management With Financial Reporting

A fully comprehensive real-time system comprising 2 integrated modules:

  • Portfolio Administration
  • Financial Statements

Portfolio Administration

Daily share prices are downloaded from the JSE and automatically imported in the system.
All share trading is captured into the system (or imported if available from the brokers).
The Portfolio Valuation is automatically calculated from the daily share price download, and printed in a professional document showing a graph of the portfolio investments.
The portfolio module automatically integrates with a comprehensive financial accounting system.
Soon to be released is the facility for clients to have internet access to view their own portfolios.

Financial Statements

This module includes a full bookkeeping function from the daily capturing of income and expenses to producing Trial Balances, Income Statements and Balance Sheets for each client.
Monthly reporting reflects all movement in bank accounts and broker’s trading.
Annual or interim Financial Statements reflect all assets and liabilities, income and expenditure, complete with optional detailed notes.
The system calculates Capital Gains and/or loss.
Reports for all ledger accounts for any period, client reports per user or advisor, or for all clients in the case of an administrator.
User permissions are allocated to restrict access functions, for example, to view only.
Administrator has control of ledger codes and group codes.